October 19th - Oral Abstract Session I

Recorded On: 10/19/2020

Moderator:  Nancy Morris

Implementing a Low Literacy, Multimedia Health Information Technology Intervention to Enhance Patient-Centered Cancer Care in Safety Net Settings

Elizabeth A. Hahn, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Does Health Literacy Influence Advance Care Directives of Cancer Patients?

Katherine Waite, Boston Medical Center

Deaf Community’s Experience of COVID-19

Daphine Postl, Rochester Institute of Technology

Limited Health Literacy in Midlife and its Associations with Risks for Later Cognitive Decline

Lauren A. Opsasnick, Northwestern University

Elizabeth A. Hahn

Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences and Preventive Medicine

Elizabeth is a medical sociologist with expertise in patient-centered outcomes research, with a focus on underserved populations and health disparities. This includes patient-reported outcomes in chronic illness, health literacy, and the design and use of novel health information technology. Her research includes the development of novel multimedia tools for survey administration, health literacy measurement, and communication of health information for patients with varying literacy, language and computer skills. She established community-academic partnerships focused on developing sustainable community programs to improve health literacy and health outcomes among Spanish-speaking Latino community members in Chicago.

Katherine Waite, BA

Research Coordinator in General Internal Medicine, Boston Medical Center

Katherine Waite, BA is a research coordinator in General Internal Medicine at Boston Medical Center. She has over fifteen years of experience with coordinating and managing public health research projects. Her main area of focus involves health literacy, especially as it relates to reducing health disparities. Before starting at Boston Medical Center, Katherine was a program manager at Northwestern University and prior to that she was a health educator at Fox Chase Cencer Center.

Daphine Postl

Chief Research Assistant, Center on Culture and Language at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Daphine is the chief research assistant at the Center on Culture and Language at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. She works under the Deaf Health Lab focusing on projects such as pregnancy in deaf and hard of hearing women and health literacy. She is a junior at the Rochester Institute of Technology studying psychology and philosophy. Daphine hopes to pursue a PhD after graduation and continue on in the field of psychology.

Lauren Opsasnick

Statistical Analyst, Center for Applied Health Research on Aging (CAHRA) within Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine

Lauren is a statistical analyst at the Center for Applied Health Research on Aging (CAHRA) within Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine. She serves as the lead analyst on a longitudinal cohort study entitled “Health Literacy and Cognitive Function among Older Adults,” which is now in its 13th year. This study provides an in-depth investigation of older adults’ health literacy and ability to manage their health, in addition to whether these skills are affected by cognitive decline and the aging process. She also serves as an analyst on multiple projects focusing on strategies to improve patients’ medication adherence, understanding, and safe use.

Nancy Morris (Moderator)

Lori Henault (Moderator)


October 19th: Oral Abstract I
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