Patient Education

Teaching Your Child to Swallow Pills? These Tips Can Help

Pill Swallowing Tips POSTER

Author, Diana Fisher MS, MPH, CPH

Mobile Fotonovelas as an Innovative Approach to Address Social Isolation During COVID-19

Mobile Fotonovelas POSTER

Author, Rena Brar Prayaga JD, MA

Improving Viral Load Suppression Among Youth Living with HIV Through an “Undetectable = Untransmittable” Educational InitiativeInitiative

Improving Viral Load Suppression POSTER

Author, Emily Duberman LCSWA, CHES

Listening before we speak: a patient-centered approach to developing a survivorship resource guidebook for pediatric brain tumor survivors and their families

Listening before we speak POSTER

Author, Kathy Riley MPH, CHES

Educating Professionals

Plain Language for Better Health Outcomes

Plain Language POSTER

Author, Romina Marazzato MAT, CT

Health Literacy as a Complex Construct

Health Literacy POSTER

Author, Romina Marazzato MAT, CT

Consent Excellence: Integrating Health Literacy into Research

Consent Excellence POSTER

Author, Angela Knackstedt BSN, RN, NPD-BC

Online Health Communities: Same Issue, Different Countries. What Can We Learn About Compliance?

Online Heath Communities POSTER

Author, Katharina Gancarczyk

Effects of a Longitudinal Curriculum to Teach Health Literacy and Patient-Centered Clear Communications Habits to Medical Students

Effects of Longitudinal Curriculum POSTER

Author, Cliff Coleman MD, MPH

Collaborative Work

Health Literacy and QI Collaborate to Promote Pneumococcal Vaccine in Immunocompromised Adults

Health Literacy POSTER

Author, Alison Caballero MPH, CHES

Evaluating Patients Satisfaction using myUHN Patient Portal, a Secure Website Co-Designed by Patients

Evaluating Patients POSTER

Author, Vasiliki Bakas MAc

Public Health

Health Literacy of Oncologic Patients: a Comparison Between Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Survivors

Health Literacy POSTER

Author, Lissidna Cabral


CMU Street Medicine: Serving Mid-Michigan’s Homeless Population by Bringing Primary Care to Streets and Shelters

CMU Street Medicine POSTER

Author, Christal Clemens BS

Women’s Health Network: An Evaluation of a Community Program

Women's Health Network POSTER

Author, Inneké Vargas


The Status of Health Literacy Education in Speech-Language Pathology Programs

The Status of Health Literacy Education POSTER

Author, Duston Morris MCD, CCC-SLP